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TML Distribution Company

TML Distribution Company Limited (TMLD), is a 100% subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd. (TML), incorporated on March 28, 2008, and is in the business of providing Logistics and Distribution services.

TMLD was formed to bring focus to Logistics and Distribution Operations, to the ever expanding manufacturing facilities of Tata Motors Ltd. The goal is to handle all the logistics at all the TML plant locations and bring in synergy for the benefit of all the stake holders.

As first stage Dealer for TML, TMLD purchases the vehicles and chassis from TML at Sanand and then sells and distributes to the Dealership network across the country since 2nd of June 2010.

TMLD started its operations at Pune for Passenger cars in August 2008 and for commercial vehicles including fully built vehicles in November 2008 as first stage dealer for TML and now provides Logistics and Distribution support to TML operations at Pune, Pantnagar and Dharwad

The commercial vehicles and chassis are distributed to the Dealers through Regional Sales Offices it has in all the states. Passenger cars are distributed directly to the dealers.